Abrasive cutting

Abrasivschneidetechnik 1

In order to create an abrasive water jet from the jet of pure water, an abrasive material must be supplied to the water jet in a mixing chamber in the cutting head. Due to the high jet speed, a vacuum is produced in the cutting head using which the abrasive material is drawn into the mixing chamber and mixed with the water. The water-abrasive mixture is then focused and accelerated through an abrasive nozzle. With this abrasive water jet, the most diverse materials can now be machined.

Material overview abrasive cutting:
Stainless steel up to 180mm
Steel up to 180mm
Copper up to 180mm
Brass up to 180mm
Hardox up to 180mm
Titanium up to 200mm
Aluminum up to 200mm
Plastics up to 180mm
Natural stone up to 180mm
Tiles / Ceramics up to 150mm
Glass up to 160mm
Acrylic glass up to 180mm
Composites up to 200mm