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Product Overview


Impeller Pump EP-Mini 400VImpeller Pump EP-Mini 230V


  • Self-priming impeller pump
  • The elastic impeller can handle both high and low viscous liquids
  • Insensitive to solid particles and air or gas inclusions in the liquid
  • With reversing switch to pump in both directions
  • All versions have a pump housing of stainless steel





Item number: 005-0003-0043 005-0003-0042 005-0003-0044
Electrical connection:   1 Phase/N/PE 230 V AC     3 Phase/N/PE 400 V AC     3 Phase/N/PE 400 V AC 
Output: 1600 l/h 1000 l/h 1600 l/h
Hose connection: 2x MT NW25 2x MT NW25 2x MT NW25
Engine power: 0,56 kW 0,37 kW 0,56 kW
Rotational speed: 1400 U/min 900 U/min 1400 U/min
Pump housing: Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Reversing switch: x - -
Weight: 9,3 kg 9,3 kg 9,3 kg









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