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Steam Hose 19 x 6 mm

SVB Schlauch 500

SVB Steam Hose, blue

Rubber hose for steam and hot water with white hose core of EPDM. Suitable for conveying hot water and saturated steam as well as non-fatty food and beverages.

  • Quality steam and hot water hose.
  • Very flexible, sturdy, kink-resistant und extremely resilient.
  • Smooth white EPDM core, blue sheathing.
  • Also suitable for non-fatty food and beverages.
  • Temperature resistance (water +95°C / steam max.+164°C).
  • Alcohol resistant up to max. 40% (Vol.)
  • Not suitable for fats and oils.
  • Neutral in taste and odour (conforms BfR Kat.II and FDA).




Inside diameter x wall thickness: 19 x 6 mm
Length: variable to order
Hose core: EPDM, white, smooth (conforms FDA + BfR Kat. II)
Sheathing: EPDM, blue, smooth, fabric pattern
Operating pressure: 6 bar
Safety factor: 3:1
Water pressure: max. 18 bar
Steam pressure: max. 6 bar
Water temperature: -40°C. bis +95°C.
Steam temperature: max. +164°C. / Steam, pressureless
Reinforcement: synthetic textile inserts, pressure stable, highly tear resistant
Identification: SVB – Steam Hose / FDA / BFR Kat II
Sheathing: very good resistance to vegetable and animal fats!



item number designation
004-0019-1906 Steam Hose 19 mm x 6 mm



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